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Onami Group

This is a logo I designed while working at Kudzu Brands. James Grieger of Onami Group was looking for a logo that portrayed waves, light energy and soul. Omani means “Great Wave” in Japanese and is an unending energy source that necessitates movement, change, and growth.

“Onami Group offers comprehensive support, guidance, and community for anybody looking to regain health or deepen their spiritual journey. Omani Group believes that personal transformation is a physical, mental, and spiritual journey. Led by James Grieger, a minister, healthcare consultant, and personal guide, Onami Group teaches and practices the art of personal transformation, empowering participants to live and love more deeply and healthfully.”
– Brand Language written by Caitlin Campbell

Creative Director & Brand Strategist: Murphy Capps
Brand Manager & Copywriter: Caitlin Campbell
Design: Katie Rotanz