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A simple and secure way to store your passwords

Passwords can be a pain to keep track of. Each website requires a strong, unique password with varying characters and symbols. How are you supposed to remember them all? If you’re like me, you’ve been through the maze of resetting passwords, getting locked out and talking to customer support. The best thing you can do for simplicity and security, is to use a password manager. Ever since I saw a cyber security expert speak about LastPass at a conference, I’ve been using it almost every day. LastPass is a free password manager and in this post I’ll tell you why it’s important and how to set it up. I would honestly be lost without it!

Why you need a password manager

  • Storing your passwords in Google Drive and random files on your computer is not the best choice for securing sensitive data. I’ve heard a few horror stories of hackers getting into to these files which gives them access to your banking, health insurance, credit card information and more.

  • Storing passwords in your browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc) is also risky because it doesn’t require the additional authentication or have the strong encryption that LastPass has.

  • Many people like to write down their passwords, but if they don’t have their handy dandy notebook, they’re out of luck.

  • Think of all the passwords you have to keep track of. I have 51 saved in my LastPass password vault. There’s no way to remember all of these passwords unless you use the same one for each, but that is also frowned upon in the security world.

  • Convenience! Never stress about remembering your login.   

The reasons why I love using LastPass

  • I only have to remember one password.

  • It’s free.

  • It autofills my passwords. If that still worries you, you can skip this step by not installing LastPass into your browser. I like this feature, but mostly because I turn off my computer every night and have to log back in with my master password each time I want to use the autofill feature. If someone were to steal my computer, they wouldn’t be able to access my passwords.

  • I can easily find my passwords anywhere I can access the Internet. I can login to or the app, find the account I need and either click the Launch button to sign in to that particular account or click the little wrench icon to view the credentials (click the little eye button to make the password visible).

  • Lastpass asks me if it should remember a password when I’m signing up for something new. A little notification pops up and says “Save this password?”. Um yes, thank you! (this is only if you’re logged into the browser app).

  • It can generate secure passwords for you so you don’t have to make up crazy combinations on your own.

  • It’s a security-focused app meaning that security (not convenience) is their top priority. Click here to read why LastPass is safe.

How to set up LastPass:

  1. Go to and click Get LastPass Free

  2. Create an account and come up with ONE master password that you won’t forget. This is the one you’ll want to write down or keep in a safe place.

  3. You’ll then be taken to a page to install LastPass into your browser. This step isn’t 100% necessary, but it’s great it you want your passwords to autofill. I also love that whenever I sign up for a new account, a little window pops up and asks if LastPass should remember it. It saves you from having to write anything down or manually enter it into your vault.

  4. Once that’s installed, login to This is where you’ll store all your information and you can even organize your passwords into different categories like business, bills, entertainment, shopping, etc.

  5. Click the little icon at the top of your browser to login to the browser app. This allows LastPass to autofill your passwords.

If you need more assistance with setup, click here for LastPass Help and Support.

Create a master password - the only password you’ll need to remember.

Create a master password - the only password you’ll need to remember.

This is your password vault. Click on the icon in the browser for more options.

This is your password vault. Click on the icon in the browser for more options.

I’ve been using LastPass for about four years now and absolutely love it. I’ve never had any issues with security and love how easy it is to store and organize all my passwords. With so many services offering online accounts, it can be overwhelming keeping track of all the login information. I highly recommend this service!

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