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How to make your Squarespace website work harder for you

Your website is a powerful tool for your business. If you do it right you can save yourself time, land new clients and impress your visitors. My goal as a designer is not only to make your site look professional and beautiful, but to give your visitors clear direction in how to navigate the site and follow through with our overall goals.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your website was working hard for you while you’re busy handling the day-to-day tasks of your business? Check out these three ways to get your Squarespace site off the couch and off to work!

Beef up your forms

One way to save yourself time or learn more about your visitor is to ask additional questions on your forms. A typical contact form asks for a full name, email address, subject and message. Consider adding these types of questions by adding new form fields:

Squarespace Forms
    • What services are you interested in? - There are a few different form field options you can use to ask questions: text, select, radio or checkbox.

    • How did you hear about us? - This is a great way to get a pulse on how people are landing on your website (without awkwardly asking) and help you determine what marketing channels you should pursue or keep pursuing.

    • What is the date of your event? - Let’s say you’re a wedding photographer, wouldn’t it be nice to know right away if it’s even possible to work with this potential client? If they say they’re looking for a photographer for an October 5th wedding, but you’re already booked that weekend, you can let them know right away and skip all the formalities to save both you and your visitor time.

    • How many people are in your group? - Maybe your business has free tours or a certain number of seats available. This will quickly help you determine how much staff you need or how many spots you have left.

By gathering more information up front, you can be better prepared or actually save yourself time. I’ll use my fiancé’s window cleaning business for an example. On his Free Quote form we ask, “Have you worked with us in the past?” (click here to see the form in action). This might sound like a simple question, but it has saved Geoff so much time. The reason being is that he typically has to drive around town to give each house or business a quote for their windows. When they select that they’ve worked with them in the past, Geoff can quickly look up their account and provide a quote based on a past job. When he doesn’t know this information he’s found himself searching through his files or driving to a house that he’s previously quoted which can be a total time suck.

Hidden pages with passwords

Squarespace Password Protected Page

This is one of my favorite features! A hidden page is simply a password protected page on your site. Why do people use these types of pages? Sometimes you’d like to share information with your clients or potential client that you don’t necessarily want displayed publicly. Maybe you want to skip editing, saving and emailing PDFs when all you’d need to do is update one page on your site.

Here are some examples of ways my clients have used them:

  • To share pricing information that they’d rather not broadcast publicly

  • To share process information or next steps for new clients

  • To share a proposal

  • To have a client fill out an application or questionnaire

  • To share sensitive information like an address

  • Training documents for employees

How to create a password protected page:

To do this you’ll sign in to your website and click Pages when you’re in the backend of your site. Simply hover over the page in the gray toolbar, click the gear icon that pops up, add a password in the password form field and click Save. You’ll know if it’s password protected because a little lock icon will display beside the page name in your toolbar. Make sure that these pages are in the Not Linked section.

Email Marketing (NEW!)

Squarespace Email Marketing

Did you know you can send out branded email campaigns directly from Squarespace?! This is a new feature and I’m super excited about it (if you can’t tell). Don’t get me wrong, I do love MailChimp and have used it for years, but I find the design builder to be a little wonky and limited in comparison.

Squarespace will eventually charge for this service (starting at $8/month), but it’s currently free during this early access period so I’m totally using it for my wedding and business as a trial run. Your website’s logo and design are there from the start and you can easily build out a newsletter that looks stunning and on-brand with their customizable templates. You can also add existing elements from your site like products and blog posts (NICE). It’s possible to send invitations, share news, sell products or tell a story and you can actually compose and edit your emails from any device like your phone or iPad.

The word is this will be officially launching this fall so definitely keep an eye out for new details and I would encourage you to play around with it!

So don’t let your website sit idly by! Squarespace has so many wonderful features that can be a huge contribution to the success of your business. I hope that these tips are helpful to you and got you thinking of ways to keep your site HUSTLIN’.